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About Us

Printer Technology has evolved a long way since its inception. Some of the most sophisticated and cutting-edge printers come from the brand of HP. HP Printers are known for their innovative technology, specialized features, and user-friendly design. Although, these printers go through rigorous testing and quality checks with constant upgrades to ensure unmatched experience. However, they are extremely sensitive and prone to technical glitches. They are influenced by the environment in which they operate. Moreover, any lapses in following best practices while operating them can also affect its functioning and life. As such, users may experience some issues while dealing with HP Printers during various phases like Setup, Printing, Scanning, etc. In short, at times, handling these state-of-the-art HP Printers can be extremely taxing for users. As such, users need dependable and quick assistance from professionally qualified experts in such situations. Users get all this and much more at i123 HP Printer.

i123 HP Printer is a premier technology support brand that extends unrelenting support service to users across the globe. We offer non-stop technology service for HP Printer issues under a single roof. We provide an extensive range of tech support services to Consumers, Retailers, SMEs and Enterprises. Since our inception, our core focus lies in simplifying technology for users of HP Printers. We deliver innovative solutions, expert guidance and best-in-class experience. i123 HP Printer is a one-stop destination for all your issues, concerns and queries regarding your HP Printers. In other words, we assist users with technological tasks and fix issues related to HP Printers.

Solutions From Qualified, And Experienced Professionals

i123 HP Printer consists of a team of vendor-certified engineers and technology experts. Our team of professionally qualified experts and HP Printer Specialists are driven by their passion for technology solutions and massive experience. Not only that, they constantly go through rigorous training and testing to keep them up-to-date with the latest innovations. All this renders them capable to deliver reliable and efficient solutions for all kinds of HP Printer troubles. Our expert technical engineers have end-to-end capabilities that allow us to provide service assurance that is truly unmatched.

Our in-house technology specialists are always prepared to deal with the most complex of issues. They listen and understand your issue in great detail. Once they have a clear understanding of the problem, they scrutinize it to identify the root cause of your concern. Based on this accurate diagnosis, they provide the most effective and long-lasting solutions. Besides that, these solutions are provided as soon as possible so that your printer is restored back without any delay. Moreover, these solutions are explained in the simplest way. Above all, they provide assistance until you are satisfied with the solutions and your printer’s performance.

Exceptional Service That Is Approachable

At i123 HP Printer, you experience an outstanding service experience that is dependable and proficient. You get excellent quality technical support service that is easy to approach at a time when it is needed the most. Our team of professionals understands that technical issues do not follow standard business schedules. They can appear at any odd hour. Besides that, they usually emerge in the middle of an important task. This makes it crucial to fix these issues immediately to keep your life free from stress and setbacks. Above all, these solutions must be effective, efficient and reliable. In other words, any compromise in the quality of the service is not acceptable irrespective of any other factors.

Therefore, i123 HP Printer’s team of experts work round the clock to make this a reality. Our professionals are available on a 24/7 basis, 365 days a year.  This means you can reach us at any point in time with any kind of HP Printer issue. Our expert technical engineers work on your printer issues immediately as and when required. We have qualified technicians who provide instant support and assistance. Our technology experts are committed to consistently deliver excellent and innovative technology service. The team at i123 HP Printer leaves no stone unturned to extend instant remote tech assistance for your HP Printers. Our experts proficiently cater to all printer tech issues including Optimized Performance,  comprehensive diagnostic and repair, printer setup and installation etc.

In addition to that, this world-class service is highly approachable. You can reach us at your convenience by Phone, Live Chat, Email, etc. We are dedicated 


Values That Makes i123 HP Printer

At i123 HP Printer, we believe in providing unmatched tech support service that is truly valuable to users. All our efforts are deeply rooted in values that have been the driving force behind our consistent world-class service. These are the anchor points that guide us in all our actions and situations.

  • Highest Level of Ambition that Stimulates Growth and Innovation.
  • Unrelenting Passion for Technology
  • Innovative Mindset
  • Professionalism that Withholds skills And Expertise With Respect And Understanding.
  • Reliability Backed With Proven Track of Providing Time-tested and Impactful Solutions Consistently.
  • Customer-First Approach That is Ready to Go To Any Extent.
  • Commitment To Creativity, Transparency, Customer Satisfaction, Sustainability, Flexibility etc.