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HP Printer Driver

How To Download HP Printer Driver?

  1. Begin the HP Printer Driver Download process by turning on your computer on which you want to install it. In other words, it should be the system which you will use to connect to your HP Printer.
  2. In addition to that, hook up your computer to a stable, high-speed Internet Connection. Another key point to remember is that you will have to use the same Network for both your Computer and HP Printer.
  3. Along with that, your Printer should not be hooked up to your computer in order to download HP Printer Drivers. In other words, if your HP Printer is a wired one i.e. with USB connection capability. Then, ensure that the Printer and the Computer are not connected through USB Cable.
  4. Thereafter, open any Web Browser of your choice on your system. You may have Google Chrome, Mozilla, Safari, Internet Explorer, Firefox etc. on your computer. For this, check your system’s Taskbar or Desktop. 
  5. Now, go to HP’s official website for HP Printer Driver Download. In other words, type in “” in the Address Bar of your Browser. Thereafter, hit the “Enter” key on your keyboard.
  6. Consequently, you will get the required webpage. Here, you will notice a Search Bar seeking your HP Printer Model Number. Therefore, you must enter the same very carefully to download accurate software on your system. You can look for your printer’s model number on its front side. Else, you should check your Printer’s Invoice. Then, click on the Search icon. 
  7. However, in case if you experience any difficulty in locating your Printer’s Model Number. Then, look for “Where’s the model number?” beneath the Search Bar. Now, place your cursor over it to expand it. Then, follow the instructions to locate your Model Number for HP Printer Driver.  Thereafter, enter the same in the Search Bar and click on Search. 
  8. As a result, it will redirect you to the Download webpage. This window displays a secure download link dedicated for your specific HP Printer Model. As such, you should click on the highlighted “Download” button. 
  9. Consequently, the HP Printer Driver Download process will start on your system. As such, wait for the process to complete properly. Meanwhile, ensure that your system remains On and connected to the Internet. Besides that, keep it free from any other activity to speed up the downloading process. 

How To Install HP Printer Driver?

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* Install HP Printer Driver On Windows

  1. First and foremost, you must search your system for the downloaded HP Printer Driver. Usually, your system saves any downloaded file at its default Download location i.e. the “Downloads” folder. For this, you should launch your system’s “Start” menu. In other words, click the Windows icon at the bottom left-hand corner of your monitor screen. Thereafter, click “Computer”. Then, click “Downloads”. You will find it at the left-hand panel under the “Favorites” section. The following window will display the downloaded HP Printer Driver.
  2. Hence, open the downloaded file by double-clicking on it.
  3. As such, it will extract files and open the Installation Wizard. 
  4. Now, it will open a Security Warning pop-box. Here, you should click “Run” to proceed.
  5. Next, you will get the User Account Control menu box. Here, you will be prompted to permit for making changes on your device. Therefore, click “Yes” to permit the same. 
  6. On the following Welcome window, click “Continue”.
  7. Thereafter, you will get the HP Printer Software Selection window. Now, click on the “Customize Software Selection” tab. This will expand a list of available software for installation. Then, select the ones that you want to install on your device. After that, click “Next”.
  8. The next window provides you with the License Agreement for HP Printer Driver. Hence, carefully review the terms of the Agreement by scrolling down the page. 
  9. Then, select the  “I accept the terms in the License Agreement” checkbox by clicking on it.
  10. Subsequently, click “Next” to proceed. 
  11. Consequently, the installation process will start. However, it will take some time to complete. Hence, wait for the same.
  12. Once it notifies the completion of the process, click “Next”.
  13. On the following window, it will prompt you to select your Network Connection option. 
  14. Here, you will get to choose between Wired or Wireless Setup. Hence, make a choice according to your Printer’s Connectivity options. In other words, choose “Wireless” if you have configured your HP Printer with a Wireless Network. On the contrary, if your Printer is required to connect through Ethernet/ LAN or USB Cable. Then, select the “Wired” option.
  15. Subsequently, establish the Network Connection by closely following on-screen instructions.
  16. Now, wait for the process to complete.
  17. After that, HP Printer Driver Installer may prompt you to Name the Printer, Add Device and run the Test Print. Hence, follow the steps to complete the setup process.
  18. Finally, click  “Finish” to exit the Installer. Then, Restart your system. 

* Install HP Printer Driver On Mac

  1. To begin with, locate the downloaded HP Printer Driver on your Mac.
  2. Then, right-click on it. After that, select “Open” from the following pop-up box.
  3. Now, you will get a Security Prompt. As such, select “Open” once again. 
  4. On the following window, you will get the “End User License Agreement” and “Privacy Statement” links. Before proceeding for the HP Printer Driver installation, you must review the terms for both. For this, click on the links one-by-one and read the documents carefully. 
  5. Next, you should accept the terms by clicking on the respective checkboxes. 
  6. Thereafter, click “Continue”.
  7. The following window instructs you to turn on your HP Printer and properly connect it to the internet. Hence, ensure the same by following instructions.
  8. Simultaneously, confirm that your Mac platform is also connected to the same network.
  9. After this, a pop-up box appears on your system prompting you to permit for Restoring Printer’s Network Settings. As such, permit the same by clicking on “Yes” for the HP Printer Driver Setup. However, you should select this option only in case if HP Printer and Mac Device are not connected to the same “Network”. Else, select “No”.
  10. Thereafter, follow the on-screen instructions and complete the Network Connection process.
  11. Subsequently, it will display a list of available software for HP Printer Driver Installation. Hence, carefully select the ones that you want to install.
  12. Then, click “Install”.
  13. Now, enter your Mac Administrator Login Username and Password when prompted on the following pop-up box. Then, click “OK”.
  14. After that, click “Continue” on the next window.
  15. As a result, the HP Printer Driver Installation process will start on your Mac. Hence, wait while the process completes successfully. 
  16. Then, Restart your device.