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HP Printer Assistant Prompts to Connect a New Printer 

What do you mean by HP Printer Assistant? 

HP Printer Assistant is a printing software that is specifically designed for handling print activities and enhances the performance of your printer. It sets up your printer, scans the documents, monitors ink levels and much more. The software scans your computer to check all the issues that may disrupt the printing operations.  If HP Printer Assistant found any issue during the scanning process, it will be presented on your computer screen immediately. Hence, if the software prompts to connect a new printer, you need to follow the given guidelines carefully. 

In case you have upgraded the windows recently, the printer information that is stored in HP Printer Assistant will be lost. In this situation, you have to connect your printer as a new printer. So follow the detailed steps that are given below: 

  • Connect the printer again

  • When you open HP Printer Assistant, the “Printer software and setup” page appears. On this page, you are supposed to click on the “Connect a New Printer” link.  
  • Select the connection type i.e wired or wireless, read the license terms, select your desired printer and complete the printer setup. 
  • Now, turn off your printer by detaching the power cable from the electrical board. Also, power off your computer.
  • Then, restart your printer and computer. Now try to open HP Printer Assistant, if it opens successfully, the issue is resolved. 
  • If it does not open and shows the HP Printer Software and Setup page that means the issue still persists and you have to follow the next step. 

  • Remove and Uninstall any available printer software

To fix the issue, you should uninstall the printer software. So, follow the given steps: 

  • On your Windows computer, click on the start icon. 
  • In the search field, type Control Panel and then select it. 
  • Here you will find an option of Programs and Features. 
  • Select it and an expanded list of all the installed programs will be presented on your computer screen. 
  • Locate your printer name, right-click on it and select the Uninstall option. 
  • With this, a pop-up box will come up on your screen asking for confirmation in order to delete the program, click Yes. 
  • Once the software is removed, you need to restart your computer. 

  • Visit the HP Official Website and reinstall the latest printer driver

Now, you are needed to reinstall the printer driver. For that, pursue the given steps: 

  • Navigate to and put your cursor on the Support tab. 
  • Choose software & drivers > Printers and then enter your HP Printer Name.
  • Click Submit. Under the Recommended drivers section, click on the Download icon. 
  • Then, run the download file for installation.  

  • Reset the printer and the computer

    Now, turn off the printer and the system. Wait for a while, then power on your computer and the printer. Also, make sure that your printer is well-connected to the computer. Now, try to open the HP Printer Assistant. If the Printer Setup & Software window appears and the issue is not resolved, install and use the Windows built-in hp printer driver.