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HP Utility Mac

HP Utility is a printer management software that comes complimentary with the full feature package of Mac printer driver. This HP Utility software is available only for your Mac device. Using the HP Utility Mac, you can perform multiple functions such as check your current printer status, examine the ink levels, review the network settings, and a lot more. 

Tools and Functions of HP Utility Mac

Once you open the Utility software, you can perform the following functions through the toolbar of HP Utility Mac. Using it, you will get access to various information about your printer, its settings, support, supplies, registration, and much more. For a better understanding of the functions of HP Utilities Mac, go through the given information. You will get the following options on the toolbar and can perform the following functions. 

Device- Under this option, you will get a list of all the available printers and their status.  

Settings- On clicking the Settings tab, you will get a list of options. Following are the options you will get:

    • Supplies Status: Here, you can examine the current ink cartridge supply levels. Also, you will get the information regarding your HP Instant Ink. It will also provide the option to protect your ink from using on another printer. 
    • Supply Info: Check the information on your ink cartridge model numbers.
    • Device Information: Get complete information about your device. You can view the printer model, version of your printer driver, printer connection, etc. It also allows you to print the Network COnfiguration page. 
    • Align: This tool enables you to print the alignment page in order to improve print quality. 
    • Automated Tool: Using this tool, you can clean the parts of your printer as well as the printer head. Along with this, it will also help in resolving the paper feeding issues. 
    • Print Quality Diagnostics: It allows you to print the quality diagnostics page which will help you in checking the printing issues if any. 
    • Test: Print the test page which helps you to check the connection issues, alignment, or print quality. 
    • Message Center: This HP Utility Mac tool, enables you to check the error or warning messages and supplies status displaying on your printer. 
    • Network Settings: Change the network configuration settings. Also, you can change the connection type with the help of this option.
    • Scan To Computer: This feature lets you scan the front panel of the printer. After scanning, it will automatically send the output to your printer. 

HP Support- This option helps you to get the online troubleshooting and support information. 

Supplies- Click this option to shop the HP Printer Supplies from the online store. 

Registration- Through this option, you can register your printer. Also, it allows you to submit the information online. 

Recycling- It will show you the sustainability report that will tell you about the environment and tell you the convenient ways of recycling the HP products.   

Product Improvement- This option offers you to participate in various research programs. However, no personal information will be collected during any of the programs. 

Procedure to Check the Status of HP Utility Mac


Since installing the HP printer driver, this utility software installs automatically. However, after the installation of the printer driver, you can check if the HP Utility Mac is installed on your system or not. Follow the process mentioned below for checking the Utility Software.

  1. First and foremost, open the Finder on your Mac device. You will get the finder on the left end of the dock which is located on the bottom of Mac’s desktop.
  2. Then, from the top menu bar, you have to click the “Go” option. 
  3. From the extended list that appears, select the “Applications” option. 
  4. This will redirect you to the window showing the list of all the applications installed on your Mac device. 
  5. From the list, you have to locate and click the HP printer software folder. 
  6. By clicking the software folder, you will get the list of applications or software included on your system. 
  7. If HP Utility is available on the list, then you have to click it to proceed further. Then, a setup and activation screen will appear. Click the “Continue” tab on this screen to complete the software setup.  
  8. However, if it is not available there, then you have to download install the HP full feature printer driver on your Mac device. 

How to Get HP Utility Mac?

For getting the HP Utility Mac, you have to download and install the full feature printer software. Utility software will be included in the printer driver or software. Use the following process for downloading and installing the printer software on your Mac device.

  1. First of all, turn on your printer and make sure that not connected with the system. The installation wizard will ask on its own whenever you need to establish the connection. 
  2. Then, open the web browser on your Mac device and move to the official website of HP.
  3. After that, click the “Support” option from the upper-right corner. 
  4. This will show the extended list. From the list, select the “Support” option followed by selecting “Softwares and Drivers”.
  5. Thereafter, click the “Printer” icon. 
  6. In the next window, you are required to enter the model name of your Printer. Then, hit the “Submit” tab. 
  7. Afterwards, you have to change the operating system for downloading HP Utility Mac. For this, click the “Choose a different OS” option. Then, select the Mac OS and its version. 
  8. Now, under the Driver option, you will get the desired driver stating “HP Easy Start” or “Full-fledged Printer Driver”.
  9. Click the “Downloads” link to proceed further.
  10. After the completion of the download process, you have to access the setup file and double-click it. Then, follow the on-screen instructions to install the application on your Mac device. 
  11. If prompted then add your device too. 

Once you are done with the download and installation of the printer driver, you can check if your HP Utility Mac is installed or not. For checking, follow the steps mentioned above.