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How to Fix HP Printer In Error State issue?

Causes Behind “Printer in Error State” issue

The Printer in Error State issue creates obstacles, hindrances, and does not let you print a page whenever you attempt to do so. There could be several reasons behind it, for example, USB or Power connectivity issues, the printer driver is corrupted, slow speed internet, HP Printer is Offline, etc. In such a scenario, your printer will not be able to respond to the commands that you are sending to the printer. So, this guide will help you to get optimal and effective solutions that will easily solve this issue. 

Methods to Fix issue

  • Monitor the connection between your printer and computer

This error may be displayed on your screen if your printer is not well-plugged with your computer. So, check the connection first. If the printer is connected through a USB cable, observe and inspect the cable. It must not be damaged or defective from the edges. Also, the USB port of both devices should be functioning properly. In the situation of wireless connections, check the wireless router’s SSID displays on your printer screen. It should be the same network name to which your computer is connected. 

  • Reinstall the HP printer driver from the official website

The Printer in Error State occurs if the software you are using to command your printer gets corrupted. To resolve this issue, firstly uninstall the printer driver. On windows, visit the Control Panel. Select Uninstall a Program, find the HP Printer Drivers, right-click on it, and click Uninstall. On Mac, go to Finder, choose Applications, select the pre-installed HP printer driver and drag it to the Trash folder. Now access the Trash folder and click Empty Trash. Once you have entirely removed the driver, go to Select Software & drivers > Printer. Input the printer Model and click Download. Now, link your HP printer with the computer, customize driver and software selection, and install the driver. 

  • Lookup for the printer status i.e Offline or Online

On your computer, go to Devices & Printers and search for your favored HP printer. If the printer is in Online mode, the status will be displayed as Ready. Otherwise, you should immediately change the status to Online. To do so, you are requested to right-click on your printer and you will get an option “Use Printer Online”. Click on it and the printer status will be changed to ready. 

  • Assure that the paper is loaded in the printer tray

If the printer paper tray is empty then the printer will surely not be able to print a page ad may show you this error. Hence, power off your printer and gently pull out the printer tray. If there is no paper found, insert a pile of paper, turn on the HP Printer and try to print. 

  • Restart the printer and computer

If the Printer in Error State is still occurring, you should try resetting your system and the printer. Shut down the computer and unplug the printer power cable from the wall outlet. Wait patiently for a while and let the printer become stable. Now turn on both the devices and attempt to print a page. Check whether the issue is resolved or not.